Our values:

  1. Integrity

            We employ the highest ethical and moral standards in working with our clients.


  1. Responsibility 

Your challenges are our challenges, and we take corporate responsibility seriously in the communities that we work in.


  1. Diversity and respect for individuals

Our respect for individuals transcends borders and cultural differences. Our innovative nature is derived from diversity, and our ability to listen to all others with an open mind.


  1. Technical excellence

Technical excellence is evident at every level throughout our organization. We always seek to leverage the highest standards of technology to not only serve our clients, improve our bottom line, and develop our staff – but also to guarantee our independence. 


  1. Independence

In our roles as auditors and advisors, we are empowered to act independently. 


  1. Continuity

Our relationships, experience, and knowledge are the cornerstones of our business, transitioned with great care as other things change over the years; enabling us to learn from the past while looking toward the future. 


  1. Principles of our commitment


The principles of our commitment directly reflect our six core values - those that most closely reflect our vision and our culture.

In 2018, KFF launched a project to specify its brand attributes, emphasizing the basis of our values. This innovative project led to defining main principles and the breakthrough realization that are translated in the way in which we describe KFF; our uniqueness, vision and beliefs. 


Who are we?


Independent-minded professionals, eager to contribute to economic and social development, both locally and globally.


Whom do we serve?

The business community as a whole: global and large corporations, listed or not, small and medium enterprises, public sector entities and individuals.


For which benefits?

As advisors and auditors, we foster state of the art accountability, efficient and agile structures and organizations, enhanced performance and creation of long-term value.


How do we differentiate ourselves?

We provide innovative, focused and global solutions to our clients in markets that are too conservative and either too fragmented or too concentrated, depending on their situation.


How do we deliver?

We delivery by combining the reliability of methodologies inspired by the most advanced

auditing and advisory techniques with our capacity to co-construct and think « out of the box » and with an intrinsic sense of personal responsibility and responsiveness.


How are we organized?


As a global partnership: people-centric, participative, transparent and multidisciplinary, with expertise backed by experience.


What are our fundamentals?

  • Entrepreneurship and team spirit
  • Long-term vision and flexibility
  • Enthusiasm and robustness


What is our driving force?

Our passion to build and set future generations up for success. 


What we believe in?

A multipolar world prospering from diversity (cultural, intellectual, professional…).


What do we like?

  • Common sense rather than pre-established models.
  • Openness rather than the beaten track.



How are we organized?

We are a people‐centric, multidisciplinary, engaged and transparent, global organization. Our expertise is derived from years of experience. 


What are our fundamentals?

  • Entrepreneurship and camaraderie
  • Enduring strategy and resilience
  • Passion and vigour



What we believe in?

We believe in an interconnected world that thrives on diversity.


What do we like?

  • The ability to use judgement instead of following templates 
  • Open minds that think outside the box